nullroute | story

I'm too young to properly feel nostalgic for the “early days” of the net, but I grew up just in time to see it grow, and it is fascinating. From old systems forgotten in a dark room illuminated by log messages scrolling past and the ghosts which haunt them, to magic-powered slabs of glass and plastic in people's pockets, making up a giant network across the entire planet, with bright public places and unexplored corners.

Much like the real world, Internet has quickly grown, small towns to megacities and popstars. I'm eager to see what it will become, but at the same time it is already overwhelming and impersonal and everchanging. Being unable to travel into the future, I cling to the past, I visit old sites, collect old files, run old software.

This is why I still have this website, a hand-crafted “personal home page” from the days before profiles and timelines. (It is also semi-consciously a poor imitation of such places as Malkier, OFB, or Cluenet; though where such places were once full of people, mine was never meant to be.)

Like a black hole, it is a path that goes nowhere.