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I'm Mantas Mikulėnas, aka grawity. Partly human, partly sysadmin. A bit crazy about computers & networks, as well as their history & future. If I could wire my consciouness to the Wired, I would.

Until then, I spend most of my time on the net, I learn things, I teach others. Sometimes I post an article here, though more often at Super User or similar forums.

In the real world, I'm a bit over 20, a no-lifer, currently working as a network admin at a college and listening to music.


I prefer email, so write to!grawity about important things. You can also find me on various IRC networks as grawity or Twitter as @grawity.

(My PGP key is 0xD24F6CB2C1B52632, also on Keybase; my S/MIME certificate is in files/x509/. Other forms of communication – phone, ICQ, Gale, FidoNet, &c. – available upon request.)

this site

No markdown, no templates; everything but journal.html was written by hand. Keeps the layout minimal, lets me forget the embarrasing times of having used FrontPage 2000. Most importantly, it lets me get closer to the network.

Why not just put my site at the domain root, as is the modern style? Similar to what ~drx once said in “Vernacular web”, the domain isn't just about me, but also about things that just got dragged in here; it's my home, and /~grawity is just one path you could take out of many.

Most articles licensed under CC-BY 4.0, see COPYING for details.